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Learning apps for students

Classrooms are always a mixture of unfocused and diverted groups. Passive PowerPoint presentations are more of generic explanations than conceptual teaching. There is no possibility to know, repeat or revise the same if you miss a class. Regular classroom teaching, textbooks, and low-equipped labs don’t help you to be a performer in life and your career. You need to understand the concepts of any subject you choose in the simpler and the best way. Going beyond the pen, paper, and PowerPoint presentations, there are technological aids to help students to be clearer with their lessons.

Let learning go beyond naive  lectures and PowerPoint presentations breaking the boundaries of the conventional education system. “virtulearn.in” keeps your lessons simple, and clear and helps you easily comprehend the concepts. The video classes, 3D and mixed reality visual explanations will give you more clarity and confidence in what you have learned. Choose to learn as you wish, anytime and anywhere. If you doubt repeat and revise, learn re-learn and think re-think. It’s always on your smartphone, even at the last minute you need.

You learn better, you score better. You score better, you lead better.

The thought behind:

“We believe real education is enhancing the capabilities of a student to think intensively and critically, hence break their boundaries for new inventions and discoveries.”

The four features of  virtulearn.in:

virtulearn.in is a student-friendly application that aims to build a bridge between what is taught and what is understood.  It serves different learning needs of a student’s academic life through a single platform. Redefining education with technology and infrastructure advancements, virtulearn.in is unlike other e-learning apps. The conceptual teaching methodologies make learning easy and simple.  We customize syllabus delivery with the help of technology the way you learn.

virtulearn.in is primarily built on four factors which makes it a complete learning solution for students.

  1. Visualization

Visualization makes learning experiential and exciting. Earth is no more drawn as a circle, it’s a sphere.

We teach you through video lectures supported with graphics,  3D, flowcharts,  equations and many more to mention. We enable imaginary concepts to dance for the naked eye. Our teaching formula is to make students perform better by pushing them towards clarity from confusion.

  1. Anytime learning

virtulearn.in is a smartphone Ed-tech application that ensures the library is always in your pocket.  Compete with the world from remote locations.

“Anytime” learning feature gives feasibility for students to get access to expert faculty across the globe and listen to their lectures anywhere and anytime. This feature also helps students to schedule their own learning hours, balancing their daily activities and other passions. It is now an opportunity to explore new world possibilities with this Ed-tech application.

  1. Repeat and rewind

Learn at your pace. virtulearn.in is a  bridge on which you can run, walk or crawl.

virtulearn.in is a student-friendly app, that features streaming with rewind and repeat options. This helps the student to be sure about what he learns and playback to check for reference as well. Your course progress matches your speed of learning.

  1. Conceptual teaching

Understanding enhances the perception which leads to innovation. virtulearn.in is a platform to learn concepts from basic to advanced levels.

Our instructors will broaden students’ logical perceptions. Four W’s and one H (what, where, why , whom how) are must in the framework of our teaching methodology of any subject. Our basic focus is to help students to observe, understand and evaluate.

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